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Lake way and Cove Aeration

Lake way and Cove Aeration - Oxygen is the key to the health of any body of water, and this is especially true of an inlet or cove.

Lake way and Cove Aeration


Oxygen is the key to the health of any body of water, and this applies in particular to an inlet or cove. Without adequate oxygen, it is difficult for fish or beneficial microorganisms to survive. The result is murky, unsightly, and sometimes odorous water. Homeowners living in the cove are often at a loss when it comes to options for cleaning up the water.

Cove PondThe OxyTurbine® Aerator is a self-aspirating aerator which means it uses atmospheric pressure to force massive amounts of air into the water. Using the engineering principle called “precession,” the Turbine creates a continuous sub-surface low-pressure zone that is constantly quenched with a rush of air from the surface. The result is such a fine spray of dissolved oxygen that it gives the appearance of an underwater mist. This dissolved oxygen is dispersed out in a 360-degree radius, plus it is dispersed down into the lower zones of the cove.

The OxyTurbine® Aerator releases enough air molecules to the surface to create a mild surface disturbance. This gentle turbulence is critical for two reasons. First, it will break up any floating scum or debris including the telltale slick caused by spilled boat fuel or lubricants. Second, it will increase the air/water surface interface, thereby increasing the regular exchange of oxygen between the atmosphere and the lake water.

The OxyTurbine® Aerator is designed to run 24/7. It employs a quiet 2-horsepower motor, and it is virtually maintenance free. It can be lighted as it floats on its pontoons, thus serving as a cove buoy both night and day. It can even be covered to give the appearance of a lily pad or giant frog. Since one or more turbines will benefit all of the property owners on the cove, it sometimes makes sense that the landowners association buys the OxyTurbine® Aerator.

Industrial PlantIn general, each horsepower in the Turbine will treat one acre of surface water in a cove that is six feet deep or less. Thus, a single 2-horsepower unit can service two surface acres.

The motor warranty (usually one-to-two years) is passed to the client. The other parts of the Turbines are guaranteed for life. The only ongoing fee is for electricity to run the motor. The Turbine model is designed to run on a three-phase motor.

After a short time in service, the benefits of the OxyTurbine® Aerator will become obvious. The stagnant appearance, odors, and floating scum in the cove will begin to disappear. Plus, their likely will be an increase in fish activity as various species migrate to the plume of oxygen. Fishing off the residential dock will once again become a favorite pastime.

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