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OxyTurbine Water Aerators

Revolutionary Self Suction Turbine Aerators For Different Kind of Fluids
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What is OxyTurbine

OxyTurbine represents a family of innovative and ecological products in the field of water or liquid aeration. The primary advantage of this product is a rotating turbine aerator having no internal moving parts. As the turbine rotates beneath the surface, it pushes atmospheric air into the water or liquid after first shearing the air into microscopic bubbles. This revolutionary product falls into the class of aerators known as Self-Aspirating aerators (sometimes referred to as Self-Suction Aerators). The technology employed by OxyTurbine is uniquely suited to the following industries: Industrial Wastewater, Municipal Wastewater, Aquaculture Farms, Horticultural Nurseries, Wineries, Breweries, Farm Wastewater, Marine Animal and Plant Operations, and Frac Water. More details of this state-of-the-art, highly efficient and an Eco-friendly aerator can be viewed at

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Helpful Terms & Conditions to Navigate We Are Proud to Present our true invention that came across all the world especially now when we are in climate change era and with all of us that recycle and pollute our source of life – water (H2O).
OXY Logo

OXY Logo

The OxyTurbine is part of a new generation of so-called “Self-Aspirating” Aerators. The operation of the turbine is based on the principle of “Precession” as applied to the rotation of fluids. The Oxyturbine is an aerator which injects dissolved oxygen in liquids such as fresh water, sea or salt water, wastewater, or any other similar liquid. This turbine aerator rotates at a specific RPM (speed) around its central axis. As the turbine rotates, it produces a centrifugal force which creates a low-pressure area inside its inner chamber. This low-pressure zone draws atmospheric air down the hollow air shaft into the internal chamber. No other pressure input is required. As the atmospheric air enters the turbine chamber, it is then discharged at a high rate of speed into the surrounding liquid in the form of air bubbles and consequentially into dissolved oxygen.  Rotary Turbine

Turbine with Pusher

Turbine with Pusher

The turbine can be made to different specifications to account for different densities and viscosities of liquids. The goal is to produce the smallest bubble size as possible as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through many years of research, we have managed to build a series of Self-Aspirating Turbine Aerators, which have no internal moving parts. Such aerators offer the advantage of reliability and energy efficiency. They create an immediate, continuous, unbelievable barrage of dissolved oxygen that saturates the water. While other self-aspirating aerators exist, they require nearly four times the kW power to achieve the same results. The turbine is offered in both stainless steel and plastic resin. The turbine boasts an advanced turbine design to achieve maximum pond aeration for industrial, municipal, and agricultural applications. Competitive aerators using a standard air pump can introduce hot air into the water at about 65ºC when the air temperature is 20ºC. The OxyTurbine does not produce a rise in water temperature since it draws in the atmospheric air without affecting the air temperature.

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